1. Plan an escape route. It will save you time if you must leave immediately. It may even save your life.
  2. Rent a P.O. box or safety deposit box.
  3. Keep the following items hidden in a safe place or with a trusted friend or relative:
    • An extra set of car or house keys
    • Important documents including birth certificates, marriage license, immigration papers, immunization and school records for your children, cell phone and charger, titles to house, property, and auto.
    • Food stamp card
    • Medication needed for you and your children, insurance information
    • Packed suitcase for you and your children
  4. Right now, start saving money that you will need when you leave, even if you only put aside a few dollars from each week’s grocery money.
  5. Log threats, physical confrontation and harassment. Take pictures of evidence and keep all text or phone messages.