Safety at Home


  • Stay out of rooms with no exit.
  • Avoid rooms that may have weapons
  • Select a code word that alerts friends and children to call police
  • Leave a suitcase and checklist items with a friend


  • Consider obtaining an Order of Protection
    • Call the Phoenix Family Advocacy Center 602-534-2120 to learn about an Order of Protection and Injunction Against Harassment
  • Change the locks on doors and windows
  • Inset a peephole in the door
  • Change cellphone or telephone number, screen calls, and block caller ID when making outgoing calls
  • Install/increase outside lighting
  • Consider getting a dog
  • Inform landlord or neighbor of situation and ask the police be called if abuser is seen around the house
  • Always keep your Order of Protection with you at ALL times and give copies to family, friends, schools, employers and babysitters.

Safety at Work

  • Tell your employer
  • Vary your route home
  • Give security a photo of the abuser and a copy of the Order of Protection
  • Screen Your Calls
  • Have an escort to your vehicle or bus
  • Carry a noisemaker or personal alarm

Protecting Your Children

  • Plan and rehearse an escape route with your children
  • If it is safe, teach them a code word to call 911 and how to use a public telephone
  • Let school personnel know to whom children can be released
  • Give school personnel a photo of abuser
  • Warn school personnel not to divulge address and phone number

Technology Safety

  • Use a safer computer/device if you suspect you’re being monitored
  • Change passwords and usernames
  • Check your cell phone, laptop, and tablet settings; especially GPS/location settings

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